The benefits of having a height adjustable desk

The benefits of having a height adjustable desk

Nowadays, people tend to look after their health, food, routine and in general tend to care about their well-being. But do they actually? …

Most people don’t even realize how much time they spend sitting, whether it is dining, working long hours at the office or just simply watching some Netflix in the evening. It all adds up to huge amounts of hours and sitting for long periods of time can be devastating and it can have some serious health consequences like higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes.

Because of that, here are a few reasons why having a height adjustable desk could be beneficial for you.

 Height adjustable desk

Increased concentration and productivity

Research published in British Medical Journal addressed, that sitting for longer periods of time slows your metabolism, you lose concentration and blood flow to the brain decreases. Following that statement some studies were rolled out which showed increased productivity levels, up to 15%, of office workers who transitioned from traditional seated desks to sit stand working desks.

Reduced back pain

Bad posture while sitting can cause tension and back pain. Because of that the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes increases. Having electrically height adjustable desk in your office can prevent such problems. Moving between sitting and standing increases blood flow, which supplies muscles with important nutrients.

Optimal height for long and productive work hours

Everyone is different and there is no one product that fits all, unless the product can be adjusted. Many offices these days provides everyone with the same working equipment, which is not adapted to everyone’s height. That you can quickly cause serious back pain and you can adopt a bad posture for the rest of your life. Using height adjustable desk, you can adjust height to your needs and prevent these issues.

Switching between standing and sitting while working can add years to your life

Just as mentioned previously, bad posture while working can cause some serious issues. Another thing worth mentioning is that extra movement, even if it is just standing up, adds to weight loss journey. Having healthier work environment can also save you lots of money in a long run that you would spend for your doctor’s appointments.


It is not enough to be educated and know benefits or negatives of certain things. It is important to take action.

Your future self will thank you for taking action and using the benefits that height adjustable desk provides.


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